Original Versions of
songs appearing on
The Westerlies' new CD,
Wish the Children Would Come on Home

MP3 - 59.3MB

The Westerlies have released a new CD of music from their mentor, Wayne Horvitz.

We thought we'd share some of the original versions of the songs with you.

The songs come from several of Wayne's albums:

The President [Dossier, 1987]

This New Generation [Elektra, 1987]

Otis Spann & other compositions [Periplum, 2001]

American Bandstand/Forever [Songlines Recordings, 2000]

From A Window [Avant, 2001]

Way Out East [Songlines Recordings, 2006]

Film Music 1998-2001 [Tzadik, 2002]

One Dance Alone [Songlines Recordings, 2008]

A Walk In The Dark [Wayne Horvitz, 2008]

Sweeter Than The Day [Songlines Recordings, 2001]

Bring Yr Camera [Elektra/Nonesuch, 1989]

The Westerlies CD is available here.
Many of the Wayne Horvitz CDs mentioned above are available at the merchandise page.